About Swank Tank

Swank Tank is a professional web design; web development group that specializes in the creation, management and marketing of high profile Internet websites. We differ from other web designers in a few unique ways.

First, we have the knowledge to clearly understand the potential of an Internet offering.

We understand the business value components of today’s successful websites. Our involvement in our own client offering gives us an excellent measuring tool for the use of the Internet as a distribution channel. We see what works and we see what doesn’t!

Additionally, many of our sites have been developed for ourselves as full-fledged Internet businesses that produce revenue today. This allows us to clearly understand all aspects of running an Internet based business and why they succeed, not just how to create one.

Second, we develop sites in a simple to understand way on the most up to date platforms. Our site designs and typical content creation are clear and easy to understand. This ensures that they are customer friendly and user focused. This approach works best in ensuring customer website use and client website owner satisfaction.

Third, we have the skill to manage sites for our clients. We work with the best names in the business to ensure quality, speed and security of information. We never manage sites on our own servers. We take advantage of today’s “cloud” servers offered by large organizations like Amazon, Rackspace and other qualified national providers.

Finally, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable in Search engine optimization (SEO) and link building techniques. Marketing via the internet can be a complex and confusing area to understand. It changes everyday and its different, depending on whom you are using as a vehicle to market through. Ie….Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc….

We don’t claim to be experts, because nobody is! Don’t let em fool ya, it’s a confusing world of players that are changing things as you read this information. We do claim to be very, very knowledgeable about the nuances of both, pay per click and organic ranking methods/ approaches, etc…. We have the talent, both domestic and foreign, to help you gain an edge over your competition in the right time. Through SEO link building, website design and website organization, we can help you gain access to new customers and potentially new markets.

Swank Tank has the knowledge and expertise to give you the edge. Take advantage of our enthusiasm and skills to make your business better.